Throughout the years, we’ve had a chance to get to know some of our favorite guitar players and their bands personally.
We are proud now to be able to present some of the members of our constantly growing Nik Huber family.


By members we mean, of course, players – and by players we mean . . . real players! There is no budget for endorsements, but that’s only because we have never believed in paying people to pretend to like our guitars!


(the following pictures are used with friendly permission of the artists)

Bernd Kurtzke - Beatsteaks

After three years of development and production time, I finally could hold the first of my custom made Nik Huber „Black Emperor“ guitars in my hands. For me, guitars are not only useful working tools, but also have a high idealistic value. Both of these parameters are perfectly guaranteed on Nik’s instruments. My custom guitars combine fantastic playability with astonishing look and feel and you simply can feel the builders love, attention and obsession to detail. This can’t be topped.

Peter Baumann - Beatsteaks

For some time now I’m a proud owner of two Krautster models, that are equipped with tap-able P90 pickups. One of the two also features a Bigsby tremolo and a hollow body. The guitars already sounded great when I got them, but still get better over time. When it comes to building quality, they are simply not to beat and I always enjoy playing them. Great work!

Andreas „Kuddel“ von Holst - Die Toten Hosen

I've been the owner of a Krautster since 2014. I was extremely attracted by the simplicity and the stripped down concept of it's design. Not only is the sound and built quality excellent, but the way it handles is unmatched. This guitar is straight to the point. Nik has truly created a classic!

As of 2017, I also own two Surfmeisters. Their slightly longer scale length and the hollow body construction make them perfect alternatives to my other guitars!

Nate Mendel - Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate

Great news for bass players: Nik’s making basses! Really happy to have one of his first creations in my paws. It’s beautiful to look at, a breeze to play, and sounds badass. Thanks Nik!

James Johnston - Biffy Clyro

I’m falling more and more in love with my Rietbergen bass every time I pick it up. The quality of the instrument and the way it feels to play make for a really inspiring bass and I just can’t put it down.

Tom Longworth - Robbie Williams

Nik’s Krautster II is an amazing mix of quality craftsmanship and rock n roll design… A great workhorse style guitar that is perfect for both live and studio environments.

The coil tap feature makes this a great guitar for creating lots of tonal options. Beautifully made, beautiful sound, amazing guitar.

Max Giesinger

My Krautster II is the first electric guitar I really feel at home. It just looks gorgeous and plays incredible!


Der Bub baut wunderbare Gitarren!

Hanno Busch - Hanno Busch Trio, Heavytones

In Nik’s guitars, perfect craftmanship is mixed with a unique, musically inspired character. Since I got my dream Rietbergen, which is equipped with two P90s and a trapezoid tailpiece, I’ve had it with me every night that I’m on stage. To me it´s still the best instrument for translating my latest sound visions. As a pleasant side note, the guitar is also mega-goodlooking.

Adam Miller - Solo and Band

My Rietbergen is the rare synergy of build perfection and vibe. It begs to be played. The body shape sits effortlessly both sitting and standing.  The tone is acoustic, airy, and unique whilst also being very familiar. It is my electric voice.

Hans Magnus „Snah“ Ryan - motorpsycho

Ultramegahappy with my Rietbergen Blondie, a very delicate specimen.

Unheard/unplayed music is easy at hand with this vibrant and soulful piece of art.

Scott Middleton - Cancer Bats

I was able to get pretty nice guitars for free from endorsements, but I straight up spent my own money to buy my first Nik Huber Krautster and Orca because they are THAT good. I don't play a guitar I need to make excuses for. I play a beautiful instrument made by wonderful people, from high quality woods that improve upon even the best vintage guitars I've owned.

Vidar Landa - Kvelertak

I got my first Nik Huber, a Krautser II, in 2011 and it has been with me on every Kvelertak gig around the world since then. What first got me interested in the Krautser was the plain, stripped down design and the great sound it produces. With great crunch, defined string detail, and superb tone it fits perfectly with my Orange Rockerverb 100 stack. But what I love the most about my Nik Huber guitars is the amazing craftsmanship and reliability. They have taken quite a beating both on and off stage, in vans, buses, planes, trains, summer and winter - and they never fail me. Always in tune and perfectly intonated gig after gig, year after year on tour and in the studio.

David Sullivan - Red Fang

As soon as I held a Krautster for the first time I instantly knew I had to have one. It just feels so perfect. It sounds, plays, and looks beautiful, and the craftsmanship is amazing.

Maurice Bryan Giles - Red Fang

I love the action on the Krauster II. It’s so easy to play and looks real snazzy too!

Dave Catching - Rancho de la luna's humble host, Eagles of Death Metal , Masters of Reality , Mojave Lords

Nik huber guitars are extremely beautiful, fantastic to play, incredibly built and true workhorses. I have two, the Krautster 2 and the Rietbergen, both are used on most sessions at Rancho de la luna . Everyone that plays them loves the exquisite sounds that are brought forth from these magnificent instruments. The extraordinary Häussel pickups are among my favorites. The company itself is filled with only the finest craftsmen, and wonderful people they are at that.

Mike Sullivan - Russian Circles

The Orca is truly a remarkable guitar. In an era teeming with talented luthiers, Nik's guitars excel in build quality, tone, resonance, and overall playability. My Orca out performs vintage guitars I’ve played for years. I’m grateful to the whole Huber team for putting such care into this amazing instrument.

Lennart Bossu - Oathbreaker

My Nik Huber has redefined what I’ve come to expect from a high end guitar. From sound to feel and finish it outshines any other guitar I’ve had so far. Their sales staff has guided me helpfully towards an instrument that borders on perfection. In the complex, heavily distorted chords Oathbreaker uses, my Dolphin II Junior maintains a clarity that I’ve been missing in other guitars and its light weight and great balance make it a joy to play onstage, even for longer sets. There’s no doubt about it, my Nik was the perfect pick.

John Spiker - Tenacious D, Steve Earle, Filter

The first time I held a Nik Huber guitar, I could immediately tell that it was something totally different. The craftsmanship and care put into these instruments is second-to-none. My Krautster has become a studio staple that I’m not sure I could record without, and the bass is with me at every show I play. Thank you Nik for caring as much about our instruments as we do about the music being made with them.

John Konesky - Tenacious D, Kyle Gass Band

I first played a Nik Huber guitar (which belonged to John Spiker) when we were working on the Kyle Gass Band album, "Thundering Herd." It pretty quickly became my go-to instrument on that record. From the tone, to the incredible neck feel, and classic style, I was beyond stoked! Plus that heel is a work of art! Perfect!

Christoph Hessler - The Intersphere

I was looking for a twangy and percussive - in the face- guitar, which doesn’t sound thin and sizzeling and I also wanted to have a nice clear, harmonic and balanced articulation of the chords because we play with a lot of different open tunings . The Twangmeister gives me all of that. A rich, fat and aggressive sound combined with the best intonation you can get. Nik and his team are working at the highest level with best sounding components and by the way they are absolutely cool guys who really love what they do.

Joshua Bradford - Silverstein

Clean, simple, Classic aesthetics and untouchable craftsmanship. I fell for the looks, but when I plugged it in it came alive!

The best guitars I’ve ever put my hands on. It sounds silly but I honestly feel like they make me a better player!

Kosho Koschorreck - Söhne Mannheims

Numerous guitars of name and distinction can’t get as old and vintage, that you feel as home on it right from the start than on a Huber.

Christian Neander - Selig

The Krautster is an amazing looking guitar, which is obviously extremely important! It’s easy to play, stays in tune and is always reliable. Even so, it has a lot of character and power. It performs dynamically to my playing, which is something very important to me. I‘ve owned it for a couple of years now and it just keeps getting better and better.

Simon Fuerst - Rea Garvey Live Band, Simon Fuerst Trio

I'm a big fan of Nik's instruments for years. In 2016 I had the pleasure to play in Rea Garvey's live band. For a big summer tour, Nik built me a fantastic Dolphin with a really light cedro body, maple neck, and amazing sounding Häussel pickups. It's exactly the sound I was searching for and I play it every show since then. Nik’s mixture of fantastic craftsmanship and the use of great tone woods makes his instruments a true inspiration to play. It's definitely the best guitar I've ever owned.

Steffen Graef - Max Giesinger

A couple of months ago, Clemens from Nik Huber Guitars came to one of our soundchecks to show me their Surfmeister model. I specifically remember calling him an asshole, because the guitar totally blew me away with its sound and handling! They really nailed it! Since then, everyone on tour wants to play it and even our sound guy is finally happy!

David Frings - Adam Angst, Fjørt

Fast as shit, lightwight to take a flight round my neck! A guitar for perfomers and even more musicians! Please don’t steal my Krautster II.

Hannes Kelch - Alligatoah

Hannes Kelch über die Krautster: What a workhorse! I always wanted a Krautster II since every single one I had played before was fantastic. And it looks great too :)

Sönke Rust -  Tim Bendzko

As we know, high quality instruments built with love and know-how get better as more often they are played and as older they get. I wonder how in the world this Krautster 2 can get any better as it is now in its brand new condition -  and it is as good and swinging and tastefully rocking as I can imagine… An ass-ass-ass-kicking guitar!!

Benny Young - Helene Fischer

When Nik gave me his personal Krautster II for checking it out, I had to convince him the same night while drinking a couple of grappas to sell it to me. Simply the fatest E-Major cord I ever heard coming from an unplugged guitar.

Markus Vollmer - Gregor Meyle, Sing meinen Song, Solo

For me, the Krautster is the perfect link between myTele and a Les Paul. It’s light, but sounds fat. The design and craftsmanship is first class. Everyone who’s ever had the chance to play a Nik Huber knows what I’m talking about. I’ve used it in my work since day one.
A big thanks to Nik and his team!

Mathias Grosch
Multi Platinum Producer, Songwriter, Musical Director: Sing meinen Song, Keyboarder and last but not least Guitar Aficinado

The Krautster II: my made to measure rock n roll tuxedo!

Kurt Ebelhäuser - Blackmail, Scumbucket, Tonstudio 45

I got my Krautster II seven years ago and used it so far on more than 30 records. Again and again, I’m surprised by the versatility this guitar offers and simply love it.

Søren Jordan - ASP, Blues Conglomerate

I just had to have the Krautster II. It really got my attention due to its instant classic design and the unbelievable fast tonal response. Simply inspiring. The Krautster II is my go to guitar for all ASP and Blues Conglomerate gigs, it’s super versatile. Thanks to Nik and his team!

Deniz Alatas - The Busters, Ease Up LTD.,
Dein Song, LIVIN Music Family

I've known Nik for about 10 Years now, and it’s a great honor and pleasure to play his beautiful guitars. I own a Dolphin and 2 Orca'59s...and of course a Rietbergen is on it's way! They are all great instruments and fit well with every genre of music I play. I can grab any of those guitars, go to the gig, plug in, hit the strings and know it will sound amazing for sure! Photo: Silke Hensel.

Jürgen Scholz - Gleis 8, Klaus Lage

When it comes to electric guitars, Nik Huber is one of the very best, worldwide. The way it cleans up by rolling off the volume pot, just well balanced and highly sensitive to the player, that's what I like. It provides brilliant highs, cuts-thru' mids and a tight low end--that's exactly how my Krautster II delivers. A light body, a perfect neck comfortable to play, endless sustain, what else can you wish for... That's when the player and the instrument melt together as ONE! Thanks for the great craftsmanship, Nik!

Frank Schulze-Brüggemann - Glasperlenspiel

Once you have a Nik Huber in your hands, there is no way back!

The best feeling and sounding guitars I have ever had the chance to play! They just feel exactly what you think a guitar should feel like!

Get your hands on one of them and you will know it. The craftsmanship and the details are simply amazing. Once you play a Huber, you want to have at least 5 of them…

Boban Milunovic - Stray Train

My story with Nik Huber guitars began quite some time ago and reached its peak with the Orca 59 guitar, that I regularly play now.
As a professional guitarist with over 30 years of experience I can easily say that the instruments Nik Huber produces are in the top world class, with model Orca 59 being one of the best guitars I have ever had a chance to play. I just simply love that piece.

Kalle Wallner - RPWL, Blind Ego

Before I got to know Nik’s guitars, I’ve never had such fine made, elegant and at the same time rocking and earthy instruments in my hands. No matter what style you’re reaching for or how you want to sound, Nik’s guitars perfectly transport the emotions of a guitarist in his playing and are one with him. Besides, Nik’s guitars simply look amazing!

Jochen Schrumpf - Solo Jazz Artist

As guitarists, we are always looking for the perfect guitar. My personal search for it was over in 2002, when I first saw and later got one of Nik’s guitars. Since then I cant´t remember a day, without playing a Dolphin. I love the feel, sound and look, as well as even the smell of every guitar that Nik has build for me over the years. No matter if in a live or studio situation as well as during teaching, the versatility and reliability of Nik’s instruments is unbelievable.

Andy Allo - Prince, Allo Evolution

Jimi Allen - Puddle of Mudd, Against All Will